The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn, CBC Radio

Amid soaring inflation and cost of living, BC’s thrift stores are seeing more customers coming through their doors. Laurence Watt, Associate Producer and Director of The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn, interviews Sandra Lee, Manager of Communications & Development, about why this might be.

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“People might be more inclined to shop at second-hand stores like GSC because we are in a good position to honour our prices… Everyone shops at our store. Our products are donated, some are brand new, unworn with the tags still on. We are a program that is powered by the community for the community.”

About GSC:

Good Stuff Connection (GSC) Thrift Store & Clothing Program is NSCSS’ thrift store in North Vancouver. We offer quality, new and used items such as clothing, household basics, hygiene products, toys, and accessories for all ages and genders. The store is operated by staff and volunteers, and items are generously donated by our community.

We started GSC’s Clothing Program in 1998. This program continues to support our clients as well as referrals from other social service agencies by welcoming them to shop at the store for free via vouchers.

We hope keep GSC a safe place for everyone to shop. Anyone is welcome, everyone needs good stuff.

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