A Note from our Executive Director, Laura Reynolds:

Thank you, everyone, for supporting North Shore Crisis Services Society. Months prior, we prepared for a particularly challenging winter. We were thrilled to see so many in our community step forward to support our families in all the ways that you could – when help was needed most.

Big and little moments, like the story written below, were only made possible because of your care and active generosity. We can’t thank you enough for supporting us during a time that’s difficult for most and going above and beyond by considering the well-being of our clients. Despite the dip in temperatures, this holiday season will be filled with warmth (and presents!) – thanks to you.

NSCSS wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


Laura Reynolds

A Little Christmas Miracle at Good Stuff Connection Thrift Store

We will never forget how we met little Zoey and Vinny. A few weeks ago, Zoey and her mum came into the store after Zoey’s day at preschool. We saw that she shyly held a little gift for us so we asked her what it was.

On her way to the store, Zoey took all $9 from her piggy bank in hopes to help someone in need. She asked us to give her $9 to someone who could really use it. Her whole face lit up, we were so touched. We promised to pass her gift on to someone truly special.

Just a week later, a regular customer visited our store with her son, Vinny. Mother and son recently moved here from Ukraine. Always a delight, they politely browsed the store in search of items to slowly furnish their new home and purchase thicker socks for the winter.

As mom looked around, we asked little Vinny how he was doing. “It’s my birthday!”, he said. Knowing their story, and without missing a beat, our store manager asked him to pick out something for his special day. Moments went by – our store manager noticed them preparing to leave. She asked Vinny, “You didn’t find anything you liked?” He revealed that he was feeling a bit too shy. She told him that if he wanted to, he could pick out anything he liked in the store.

Within a minute, he picked up a pair of colourful toy VR goggles, priced at $20. After some convincing, he gleefully accepted his birthday gift and ran to our store manager for a hug. Both Vinny and mom proceeded to their next destination with big smiles across their faces.