Suki’s family of 3 lived in a small apartment in Lower Lonsdale. As her husband’s abuse became more severe, he started to physically abuse her in front of their 6-year-old daughter. She knows that this must stop, but naturally, anxious questions start to flood. What if I leave? Where would I go? He controls our money and hasn’t let me work in years. She’s already dealing with an abusive father, am I allowed to make things more complicated by leaving?

Suki took her chance and left for SAGE House with her daughter. Upon arrival, our staff welcomed them with a brief orientation and fresh home-cooked meal. When she was ready, we began developing a safety plan for her family.

Suki’s road ahead was full of obstacles, but she persisted. From SAGE House she moved into a unit at Hope’s Place to continue rebuilding her life. Throughout her stay with us, she prioritized strengthening her mental health as each of her daughter’s tantrums triggered haunting memories of her abuse. With newfound strength and community, she gradually achieved every one of her goals: get a job, secure housing, start co-parenting, take classes, access support for her child, and continue her growth. A year later, she felt free, and his shadow was well behind her.

She shared with us that she hopes for other women to access 2nd stage housing because it was the extra time and distance granted by Hope’s Place that allowed her to rewrite her future.



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