Are you seeking financial support for rent on the North Shore, emergency shelter, or 2nd stage housing? Call our Women’s 24-Hour Support Line at 604-987-3374. You may also email Shona Johnston, Homeless Prevention Program Coordinator, at, or contact SAGE Transition House directly at

Once a woman takes the courageous step of leaving her abuser, it is critical that we provide adequate support to ensure her safety (and the safety of her children and pets). It can be incredibly dangerous and isolating for a woman to leave her abusive relationship – but it is possible, especially if we work together to put a safety plan in place. To ensure that our clients have a safe place to heal and collect, we provide emergency shelter and emotional support at SAGE Transition House and at 2nd Stage Housing units (Hope’s Place and Janet’s Place) . Here is Arden’s story of gender-based violence, along with her experience at Hope’s Place.


I am forever grateful to HOPE’s Place. It came into my life at a time when I thought there was no hope at all. I was in a very controlling relationship with no family in North Vancouver to assist me. My husband had closed down all our bank accounts and I was living an unhealthy lifestyle for myself and my children. I had been living on friend’s couches and stayed at the Women’s Shelter in North Vancouver for a while, to give myself space from the relationship. It is hard to imagine that there are women in North Vancouver that go through this and HOPE’s Place is definitely needed to assist these women to move on with their lives.

Living at HOPE’s Place has given me the confidence to realize that I can cope with the everyday things and even change lightbulbs!!! That I can start a new life with my children and not have to worry about being controlled in any way. My financial worries have also been helped with the reasonable rent that is offered at HOPE’s Place. It has helped me to manage my bills and realize what I can survive without.

As a result of this I hope to be able to move on with my family and have gained all the necessary support and assistance that is required to do this. I am also honoured to have met all the fantastic staff that are always available whenever I need a question answered or just to talk.

Thank you from myself and family.


*Arden is a pseudonym. We changed our clients’ names in media to protect their privacy. We share their stories to inspire hope and action.

Here’s an article by the Canadian Centre for Women’s Empower on economic and financial abuse.