2SLGBTQ+ women are uniquely vulnerable to gender-based violence (read more, Wisdom 2 Action). Partnering with local 2SLGBTQ+ organizations enriches our individual experiences, gives us a chance to connect, and can help us reflect on how to improve as a social service agency.

Shortly after this event was internally announced, we overheard 2 senior volunteers at Good Stuff Connection discuss Drag. One was confused and asked why Drag happens. Her friend candidly shared her understanding of Drag, spoke about gender and those she knew who performed, and why Drag could be important to members of our community.

“I was so happy when I saw their interaction close in such a positive light,” says Sandra Lee, Communications & Development Manager of NSCSS, “without this project, their conversation might not have happened. One of my biggest takeaways from co-planning this event was knowing that one more person within our agency has formed a new and positive connection with Queer culture, which I believe is why collaborating with Queer-led organizations moves the needle forward in important ways, for everyone.”

* PART 1: Storytelling with Drag Queens at the the North Vancouver District Public Library

We had the pleasure of meeting 3 amazing local Drag Performers: Karmella Barr, Maiden China, and Satanix via our partnership with the Storytelling With Drag Queens Foundation. Our library host, Kaley Young, Child Librarian at the North Vancouver District Public Library says, “The event itself is pure joy… the more people celebrate one another and are encouraged to be their authentic selves, the happier we will all be for it. It encourages families to explore self-love and diversity [and is] the perfect opportunity for creating a beautiful future,”

* PART 2: A thrift store fashion show & photoshoot at our Good Stuff Connection Thrift Store (“GSC”).

Our Drag Performers perused our store to find new ensembles and accessories with the “good stuff” donated by our community. Performers created new outfits, found accessories to enhance existing ensembles, and found gifts for their family and friends. Thank you, Anna & Darcy from GSC, for turning our thrift store into a photography set, for hosting, and helping our Drag Performers shop. Thank you to Diane/PHRSH Threads as well for volunteering and donating your enamel pins to help us fundraise.

Pride events don’t just happen during the summer months. Keep your ears and eyes open for more exciting 2SLGBTQ+ events and shows throughout the year!


Storytelling with Drag Queens Foundation & North Vancouver District Public Library